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Faza izrade: 30.20 - Izjašnjavanje o prednacrtu BAS standarda (pnBAS)
Datum realizacije: 2020-02-11
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EN IEC 62046:2018, identičan
IEC 62046:2018, identičan


Sigurnost mašina - Primjena zaštitne opreme za otkrivanje prisustva osoba

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Safety of machinery - Application of protective equipment to detect the presence of persons

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IEC 62046:2018 specifies requirements for the selection, positioning, configuration and commissioning of protective equipment to detect the momentary or continued presence of persons in order to protect those persons from dangerous part(s) of machinery in industrial applications. This standard covers the application of electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) specified in IEC 61496 (all parts) and pressure sensitive mats and floors specified in ISO 13856-1. It takes into account the characteristics of the machinery, the protective equipment, the environment and human interaction by persons of 14 years and older. This document includes informative annexes to provide guidance on the application of protective equipment to detect the presence of persons. These annexes contain examples to illustrate the principles of this standard. These examples are not intended to be the only solutions to a given application and are not intended to restrict innovation or advancement of technology. The examples are provided only as representative solutions to illustrate some of the concepts of integration of protective equipment, and have been simplified for clarity, so they may be incomplete. This first edition cancels and replaces IEC TS 62046, published in 2008. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC TS 62046:2008: a) additional annexes relating to muting and vision systems, b) muting requirements have been updated, c) blanking requirements have been updated, d) addition of IEC 61496 series Types and capping the Safety Integrity level according to IEC 62061 and performance levels according to ISO 13849-1, e) alignment to changes in IEC 61496 series

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